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Objectifying JavaScript

While it is not a good idea to objectify people, objectifying JavaScript is a good idea. When I build apps, I use objects in every one of them. Objects are great because they are not only easy to work with, but they also emulate their real world counterparts. In this

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Trello Template Tip

I thought I would share a process technique that saves me some time.  Like many developers/designers, I use Trello to manage my workflow and projects. I am a Scrum Master so am kind of anal when it comes to processes. I even have purchased some add-ons to make my Trello

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For-In ‘Fruit’ Loops

In development, you use loop logic all the time. You will have arrays, objects and collections to go through to make decisions based upon the data.  The for-in loop syntax is one that I like to use because it makes sense logically to me in how it is written. This

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Localhost SSL Follow-Up

As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to share a solution I discovered with the help of another developer. tinycert.org is a great way to setup a localhost SSL. They have good documentation and the setup is easy!

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Localhost SSL…what a pain!

I thought I would share some of my pain in working in my dev environment and what I went through in hopes that I might spare someone else my pain…or even better if there is someone out there who has a better solution…let me know. I wanted to install a

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Who are you?

Who are you?

When utilizing forms, it is helpful to use a combination of the ID and name attributes, I typically name and ID my form and nearly all of my form fields so it is easy to manage them programmatically. Here is an example:

Accessing via ID or Name As you can

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