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Little Tree

Climbing the Tree

When you are building a web application, you will be working with the Document Object Model (DOM). I discussed how the DOM is referred to as a tree. The DOM has built-in methods and properties that allow us to traverse the DOM (climb the tree). Let’s take a look at some

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Sunlight through Tree

Swinging from the DOM Tree

When you first start delving into the Document Object Model (DOM), it can be somewhat daunting. A simple HTML page can become quite complex quickly. So I thought I would share some terminology pertaining to the DOM that might speed up grasping DOM concepts. Tree – The term tree is

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‘DOM’ino Effect

In today’s post, I would like to touch on the HTML DOM (Document Object Model). In building a web application, developers find themselves interacting with the DOM repeatedly. So what is the DOM? The DOM at its most basic level is simply the pieces of the HTML page. There is

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Function Literals

I showed in the previous post how we can add event handling functionality to our JavaScript code. The example I used showed how we can attach a function to an event such as window.onload. This works well, but as you get more advanced in your JavaScript, you will want to

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Event Handling

Events…what are they and how do we handle them? Events are things that your end user does…clicks on something, hovers their mouse over a section of the page or even loads the page. Events allow our JavaScript functionality program work with the user to create a truly interactive experience. So

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Functions as Variables

Whenever I am working with folks who are just learning JavaScript, they seem to get hung up on functions until the light bulb goes on. One of the aspects of functions is understanding that functions are just fancy variables. What does this mean? It means that you can build meaningful functions

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