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Unary Operators

Unary operators are ++ and –. Each of these either increment by one or decrement by one. It is important to understand how these interact with variables because they can be placed prior to or after a variable. For example… This would log out 2021. Let’s change it a bit…

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Equality Operators

In JavaScript there are two ways to test equality/inequality. We can use two equal signs (==) or three equal signs (===). For inequality, it is similar != and !==. So what’s the difference? The difference is type. For example… This would return true because with a double equal sign, JavaScript

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Type Conversion

In JavaScript, we sometimes need to convert from one type to another. We can use a toDtring method to convert to a string. To convert to numbers, we can use parseInt and parseFloat. The biggest difference between the two is that parseFloat deals with decimal points. Each one of the

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Spread is the opposite of rest. We take an array and spread it out. To several parameters. Here is an example… This syntax looks very similar to the rest parameter syntax. The difference is instead of just “dumping” the rest of the parameters to the function, her we are saying

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Destructuring Objects

Just like in destructuring arrays, we can also destructure objects. The syntax is slightly different using curly braces. The output would be 1 and ‘gorilla’. Notice the parentheses. We did not have those in the destructuring arrays lesson. The reason we need to put it in parentheses is due to

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Destructuring Arrays

In JavaScript, we can assign the values within an array to variables. Here is an example… The output will be ‘gorilla’, ‘koala’, ‘elephant’. The hint that you are destructuring is that the square brackets is on the left side of the equal sign. You can also combine destructuring with rest

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