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Rhino beetle on tree

Debuggin’ the DOM Tree

In the past, I have written about ways to debug, which, in most cases, incorporates using the inspection tool built into modern browsers. That is definitely a cool tool and the one I use the most. With that said, I want to talk a bit today about debugging the DOM

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Hide and Seek - Peekaboo

Peekaboo…I See You

In my last post, I addressed the styling of the DOM. I wanted to point out something additional in that same vein that I have found very helpful. As you saw previously, you can access pretty much any style via the DOM style property. One of the key ones I

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Grey Flower

Stylin’ the DOM

When folks begin to dive into HTML, it does not take long for them to see the benefits of CSS (cascading style sheets). Without CSS, HTML is just, plain boring. Beyond the prettiness, we can programmatically access the stylings to change the look and feel of our web application however

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Little Tree

Climbing the Tree

When you are building a web application, you will be working with the Document Object Model (DOM). I discussed how the DOM is referred to as a tree. The DOM has built-in methods and properties that allow us to traverse the DOM (climb the tree). Let’s take a look at some

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Sunlight through Tree

Swinging from the DOM Tree

When you first start delving into the Document Object Model (DOM), it can be somewhat daunting. A simple HTML page can become quite complex quickly. So I thought I would share some terminology pertaining to the DOM that might speed up grasping DOM concepts. Tree – The term tree is

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‘DOM’ino Effect

In today’s post, I would like to touch on the HTML DOM (Document Object Model). In building a web application, developers find themselves interacting with the DOM repeatedly. So what is the DOM? The DOM at its most basic level is simply the pieces of the HTML page. There is

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