My name is Clay Hess

Full Stack designer & developer
  • UX Design
  • Adobe
  • Agile Scrum
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript/ Node
  • Angular


Bind allows us to copy a function. Why would we want to do this? By copying it, we change the context of “this” for the entire new function. Here is an example… The output would be “George”. This was possible because we used bind to copy the original function to

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The “apply” method to run a function is similar to “call”. The difference is that with “apply”, we can pass arguments to the function for the new context. Here is an example… Notice that here we are passing an array of arguments. In this case, it is a simple string.

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There are some different ways to run a function rather than the traditional way. One of them is by using “call”. The advantages of “call” is it changes the scope of “this”. Here is an example… The output would be “George”. By using “call” and passing new data, we are

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This Keyword

In JavaScript functions, you will see the special “this” keyword used. Let’s see it in an example… The “this” keyword refers to the object itself. You will see this in object function properties often. Happy Coding! Clay Hess

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When a function runs, it goes through its code, then completes. Everything goes out of scope. There are times when we might want some information to “hang around”. Let’s start by looking at an example… Within our IIFE, we have a variable (animalName). We also have a nested function that

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In JavaScript, we can use what are called Immediately Invoked Function Expression, or IIFEs. These are helpful for having functions run immediately when they are defined, such as when initializing an application. Let’s imagine we have the following function… Normally, we would run this function by calling it as follows…

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