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Objects allow the grouping of related information into one unit. An object is created using curly braces. Notice how there is information inside the curly braces. These are in the form of name/value pairs. They are called properties. Properties can hold any type of data. To access these properties, we

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Function Scope

If we create a variable within a block of code, it is scoped to that block. This is different than in C#. Code blocks are marked with curly braces ( { } ). So a function has a block of code because it uses curly braces to define it. Let’s

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Function Return

We have sent values to a function, but what about getting information back? All functions return to the location from which they are called and they return data using the “return” keyword. If you do not use the “return” keyword, the function will return “undefined”. Happy Coding! Clay Hess

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When you write JavaScript applications, you will write a lot of functions. Functions in JavaScript are like methods in C#. You will learn various ways to write JavaScript functions. Here is one of the more common ways… The aforementioned code does not run the function. It simply declares it. As

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Conditional Statements

Just like in C#, JavaScript utilizes conditional, control-flow statements. One of the most common is the IF statement. IF statements evaluate Boolean statements…greater than, less than, etc. Equal/Not equal is another evaluation statement. In JavaScript, there are two ways to work with equal/not equal. You can utilize two or three

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Array Methods & Properties

Splice Splice allows us to remove items based upon their index position and can remove multiple items. If we run the following code with our baseball array… The console will report ‘Aaron’, ‘Ruth’, ‘Uecker’ because we asked the splice operation to start at index position 2, which was ‘Wagner’ and

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