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GIGO…Garbage In Garbage Out. This is a term that can sometimes be associated with data. Let’s face it, data is the lifeblood of any organization. In today’s marketplace, data analytics and data mining help organizations meet the needs of their clientele. So…that data needs to be protected to the utmost.

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Forms…how do they work?

In nearly every web application, you will build a form of some kind. There are a lot of moving parts with forms. So I thought I would spend a post discussing those parts…or at least parts of those parts. Process So how does this whole form process work? At its

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math functions

Round and Round

Math…I know…some of you are letting our a collective groan. Let’s face it, not all of us like math, but it is necessary and can be very helpful in developing applications. Fortunately, JavaScript has some built in Math methods to assist us. PI – returns 3.14…. round() – round floating

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String Objects – Case Sensitivity

In JavaScript, case matters. It is a case sensitive language. Because of that, you have to keep in mind that when you are working with data, you might have equivalent data, but JavaScript does not see it as such. For example, the string “javascript rules!” is equivalent in data to

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search characters

String Objects – Specific Character

The method I am going to cover in today’s post is very similar to the last post (indexOf). Today, I am going to cover the charAt() method. This string method searches through a string to find a particular character whereas indexOf() is primarily used to find substrings or groups of

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String Objects – Substring

In a continuation of my last post, I want to cover another useful method for string objects…indexOf(). I know indexOf() sounds cryptic, but it is fairly straight forward. It simply allows you to search to see if a string contains a substring. A substring is a portion of a string.

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