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Angular Component Selector

A component can be utilized with a component selector. This is not a requirement. For example, a component can be accessed via routing. In those cases, you can omit the selector. Otherwise, a selector is basically a “tag” that you can insert into your component template to display the content

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Angular Component Template

In Angular, a component is used to manipulate/operate the view. The view is the template. It is comprised of html and Angular directives/binding. So a template is the part of the component that is rendered for the end user to see. There are two ways to accomplish the template rendering.

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Angular Component MetaData

As I mentioned in my last post, Angular components are decorated with decorator metadata (@Component). The component decorator is a function that takes an object as a parameter. In the decorator, we can set various property values to create the desired component behavior. The properties used most often are… template

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Angular Components

Angular components are the main building blocks of Angular apps. It is what you “see” in the browser. A component is made up of… A Class (usually TypeScript) An HTML file (view) A CSS file (optional) In Angular, a component is a type of directive that has its own template.

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Angular Bootstrapping

In the last post, I introduced NgModule. NgModule is how an app’s pieces all fit and work together. Every Angular app has to have at least one NgModule. This is the core root module. Since it is the core root module, it launches the application/. We call this bootstrapping to

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Angular NgModules

Modularizing code is an effective way to organize an application no matter the technology. It allows for ease of maintenance, division of concerns and testing your code. Angular accomplishes this with NgModules. NgModule NgModules allow you to configure the injector and the compiler for your application. An NgModule is denoted

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