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‘Whiling’ Away the Loops

In previous postings, I addressed ‘for’ loops. In today’s post, I want to demo ‘while’ loops. In ‘for’ loops, you loop over code for a specified period of time. In ‘while’ loops, you loop over code as long as a condition is true.  The steps of a ‘while’ loop are…

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worker counting stocks in warehouse


There are times in programming where you need to check conditions against multiple items. If statements are used to do this a lot. We could do this by nesting if statements and performing the code if they return true as follows…

While this works, nesting can get hairy and

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door in dark room

Look for an Exit

It is always good to have an exit strategy. You know when you are at a party and you are stuck talking to that one relative that has to go into every gory detail concerning their ailments? If that has not happened to you, then most likely you are that

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Global Data Storage

Global Variables

In today’s post, I want to address the usage of global variables. Global variables are variables that can be accessed from anywhere, hence the term, ‘global’. So every piece of code, every function, can access a global variable. Because of this, it is a good practice to have as few

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Counting to Five


In my last post, I discussed looping. I referenced checking the condition to see whether your code should keep looping or not. This is usually done with a counter (i).

Look closely at the i++ piece. ‘++’ is a shortcut for incrementing. Every time the loop runs one (1)

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mortar and pestle

Round and Round…Looping

In today’s post, I want to talk about looping. In programming, there are many times you need to have your program perform repetitive tasks. You do this a lot with going over groups of data (arrays and objects) to make logical decisions on that data. So let’s look at how

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