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Global Data Storage

Global Variables

In today’s post, I want to address the usage of global variables. Global variables are variables that can be accessed from anywhere, hence the term, ‘global’. So every piece of code, every function, can access a global variable. Because of this, it is a good practice to have as few

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Counting to Five


In my last post, I discussed looping. I referenced checking the condition to see whether your code should keep looping or not. This is usually done with a counter (i).

Look closely at the i++ piece. ‘++’ is a shortcut for incrementing. Every time the loop runs one (1)

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mortar and pestle

Round and Round…Looping

In today’s post, I want to talk about looping. In programming, there are many times you need to have your program perform repetitive tasks. You do this a lot with going over groups of data (arrays and objects) to make logical decisions on that data. So let’s look at how

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Rhino beetle on tree

Debuggin’ the DOM Tree

In the past, I have written about ways to debug, which, in most cases, incorporates using the inspection tool built into modern browsers. That is definitely a cool tool and the one I use the most. With that said, I want to talk a bit today about debugging the DOM

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Hide and Seek - Peekaboo

Peekaboo…I See You

In my last post, I addressed the styling of the DOM. I wanted to point out something additional in that same vein that I have found very helpful. As you saw previously, you can access pretty much any style via the DOM style property. One of the key ones I

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Grey Flower

Stylin’ the DOM

When folks begin to dive into HTML, it does not take long for them to see the benefits of CSS (cascading style sheets). Without CSS, HTML is just, plain boring. Beyond the prettiness, we can programmatically access the stylings to change the look and feel of our web application however

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