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Full Stack designer & developer

  • UX Design
  • Adobe
  • Agile Scrum
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript/ Node
  • Angular


Angular Components

Angular components are the main building blocks of Angular apps. It is what you “see” in the browser. A component is made up of… A Class (usually TypeScript) An HTML file (view) A CSS file (optional) In Angular, a component is a type of directive that has its own template.

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Angular Bootstrapping

In the last post, I introduced NgModule. NgModule is how an app’s pieces all fit and work together. Every Angular app has to have at least one NgModule. This is the core root module. Since it is the core root module, it launches the application/. We call this bootstrapping to

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Angular NgModules

Modularizing code is an effective way to organize an application no matter the technology. It allows for ease of maintenance, division of concerns and testing your code. Angular accomplishes this with NgModules. NgModule NgModules allow you to configure the injector and the compiler for your application. An NgModule is denoted

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Angular – Getting Started (CLI)

When I get started with an Angular project, I always begin with the Angular CLI. As with many modern web dev tools, you will need Node and npm. I have my Angular CLI installed globally with the following command… Once you have the CLI installed, there are several commands that

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Angular – Basics

Over the next several posts I hope to write about Angular. This is a framework I have been using for some front-end development and it has been very enjoyable. I hope you learn something from it. Angular is a framework to build web applications. It was created and is still

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IT Snobbery

I have been a web developer/designer for about 20 years…since the dot-com boom (and bust!). Like a lot of IT folks, I was self-taught. This led to a career and advancement where I became the senior web developer for a billion dollar IT firm in Northern Cali. Why do I

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