My name is Clay Hess

Full Stack designer & developer
  • UX Design
  • Adobe
  • Agile Scrum
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript/ Node
  • Angular

Array Iteration

We can use a for loop to iterate through an array, but JavaScript arrays have built in methods we can also use… This will iterate over each item in the array and output it to the console. Remember that arrays are zero-based. There are times when we wish to access

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JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON, gives us the ability to send JavaScript over a network/internet. To do this, we need to use the global JSON object to turn it into a string to send it over the wire… This will output {“name”:”Bongo”,”type”:”gorilla”}. So we can send this to any API

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Prototypes are a way to make our code more efficient, especially when using constructors. Take the following code for example… Imagine we have one thousand animals. When we use the “new” keyword, the data basically gets copied to the new object. So we would create one thousand grunt functions. Maybe

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Constructor Functions

In traditional OO languages, constructor functions are a normal part of the code. Constructor functions are denoted by a capital letter by practice. Constructor functions look like “regular functions, but behave differently. Here is an example… Notice the capital “A”. That is a JavaScript constructor function convention. Also, notice we

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Default Parameters

When writing functions, we might have times when we have argument sent and other times when no arguments are sent to the function. In the cases where no arguments are sent, we might want to have default parameter values. In this case, “Bongo” prints out because we did not send

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Arrow Functions

Traditionally, functions are defined in JavaScript by using the “function” keyword. In ES2015, arrow functions were introduced. For C# folks, this will look similar to lambdas. Let’s first look at a traditional function syntax… The output would be “Bongo”. Let’s change the syntax to using arrow function syntax… This would

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