My name is Clay Hess

Full Stack designer & developer
  • UX Design
  • Adobe
  • Agile Scrum
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript/ Node
  • Angular

Creating a Promise

Promises are used for asynchronous code. It is a temporary holder for a value that gets returned by an asynchronous call. For example, a call to a web service might use a promise. You can call the web service with a promise and once it is fulfilled, you can run

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Developer Defined Errors

We can also throw our own errors. This is done with the “throw” keyword using the “new” keyword and the Error method. Here is the syntax… Why would we do this? There might be times when your code logic won’t throw a JavaScript error, but something happens that you want

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We can add another block to try/catch. This is done with the “finally” keyword. What the finally code block does is run always. So even if there is an error, the finally block still runs. It runs regardless if there is an error or not. Here is the syntax… Happy

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Try and Catch

The try/catch keywords allow us to handle errors more gracefully. Here is an example… What we are doing here is telling JavaScript to “try” running the code. If there is an error catch it and do something with it. In this case, we are simply outputting it to the console,

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Errors happen in code. We need to be able to handle them in our JavaScript code. We also may sometimes wish to throw our own errors in specific situations. Ideally we want to handle errors gracefully to provide the best end user experience we can. Suppose we have the following

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Modifying DOM Elements

Once we can grab DOM elements, we can modify them. There are several methods to change DOM elements. If we would like to set the attribute on an element… If we would like to add a class to an element… If we would like to change the style of an

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