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Window Object

The window object is the global object in JavaScript. We can access this object from anywhere in JavaScript. You have used the window object without realizing it. For example, console is a window property. There are several properties and methods on the window object. I recommend looking at the Mozilla

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Importing a Module

To use a module that has the “export” keyword, we have to import it into our code. To do this we use the “import” keyword… This is placed at the top of the file and makes all of the items that have been exported from the animal.js file available. Notice

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Creating a Module

In JavaScript, we can use modules to organize our classes so our code is more manageable. We can put as many classes as we want into a module. Each module is its own JavaScript file. Typically, the functionality related to that module is put into the file and organized accordingly…in

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In OO languages, we want to stay DRY and avoid getting WET. Inheritance allows us to avoid writing duplicate code. JavaScript classes give us this ability… We can use this animal class and extend (inherit) it to another object. Here’s an example… The output would be “Bongo”. We extended the

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In JavaScript, methods are function that exist on an object. Here is an example… This code would output Bongo says “ugh!”. Notice that we did not use the function keyword. We did need the return though. Note: You might notice that we used backticks in this example. You also might

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Constructors and Properties

In JavaScript classes, we put constructors inside of them as follows… The output would be “Bongo”. This syntax should be very familiar to those coming from traditional OO languages, such as C#. Happy Coding! Clay Hess

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First Impressions
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