Clay Hess   November 25, 2015   No Comments on Objects
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JavaScript objects are a way to elegantly combine data and actions together in an object-oriented manner. The possibilities are endless. Think of having arrays that can sort themselves or strings that can search themselves. Additionally, objects allow us to think in terms of things as opposed to data and actions…. Read more »

Living in Two Dimensions (arrays that is)

accordion file

I had mentioned in previous posts about looping and I have also discussed arrays before. Today I wanted to discuss two-dimensional arrays. Two-dimensional arrays allow you to house multiple pieces of information at multiple levels. I like to think of arrays as accordion file folders. One item with multiple segments…. Read more »

‘Whiling’ Away the Loops

chalkboard loop

In previous postings, I addressed ‘for’ loops. In today’s post, I want to demo ‘while’ loops. In ‘for’ loops, you loop over code for a specified period of time. In ‘while’ loops, you loop over code as long as a condition is true. ┬áThe steps of a ‘while’ loop are…… Read more »


Clay Hess   November 19, 2015   No Comments on Multi-Tasking
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There are times in programming where you need to check conditions against multiple items. If statements are used to do this a lot. We could do this by nesting if statements and performing the code if they return true as follows…

While this works, nesting can get hairy and… Read more »