Apr 01 2011

About Clay Hess

Clay has a passion for technology…not just for the ‘cool-ness’ factor, but for the way technology has and is improving our lives. Who could have foreseen how technology has become integral in everyones daily way of life. Each of us relies on some sort of technology to improve our lives and the lives of others. That is what drives Clay and Webolution Designs…changing peoples’ lives. Web technology can be an amazing tool to improve businesses, quality of life and bring hope to those that otherwise may not receive it if it weren’t for a technological advance. This is the reason that the Webolution Designs tagline is “We all want to change the world”.

    1. Charlynn…I checked out your site and it does not display. I received a 500 error. I suggest changing any and all passwords. Then you can have it reloaded.

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