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JavaScript Number Quirks

In JavaScript, as in other languages, there is a math method that we can use when working with and manipulating numbers. JavaScript does give us the ability to work with numbers directly in our variables, but there are some “quirks”. For example…

let ourSum = 4.1 + 4.3;
console.log( ourSum );

You would expect the console to display 8.4, but it displays “8.399999999999999”, which seems odd, but JavaScript has some oddities with rounding and calculations. For most programs, this is not an issue, but try to stick to using the math methods built into the language to avoid many of these issues. Let’s look at another…

let ourDivide = 10 / 0;
console.log( ourDivide);

Since it is not possible to divide by zero (0), one would expect to receive an error. Instead, JavaScript outputs “Infinity” to the console. If you try to divide a negative number by zero, it outputs “-Infinity”. Odd? Yes, but, again, stick to using the math methods and for most applications, you will be fine.

Happy Coding!

Clay Hess

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