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Common Code Errors

Syntax Error

Another error is a syntax error. This is when your code violates the standards of the language. For example, if we utilize a restricted keyword incorrectly…

If we console log the variable “class” out, we will see the error…SyntaxError: Unexpected token class. This is because “class” is a restricted keyword in JavaScript. Here is a list of reserved keywords in JavaScript…

Another syntax error is SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier. This usually happens when we have characters in our code that is used for coding purposes but is being misinterpreted by the code. For example, if we have the following string variable…

As you can see, we have a single quote that is in the middle of the text being used as an apostrophe. JavaScript sees this as a way to denote the beginning and end of the content. It throws the syntax error because there is content other than the semi-colon after it. This does not mean we cannot use apostrophe, we just have to escape it by using the backslash (\)…

This tells JavaScript to treat the single quote as just text, not the end of the variable content.

Happy Coding!

Clay Hess

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